Fancy Jewelry Day

9 Mar

Today I bought two pieces of  brass jewelry from designers on opposite coasts and managed to spend less than forty dollars. And the money I spent barely counts, because I just got a check from the FTC for being a dummy who believes false advertising claims.

I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous Jan Michaels ring at Motif on Exchange Street ever since my friend Althea bought a ring from the same line. Mine is a big rose quartz ball set in a cage of antiqued brass filigree, and hers looks like something a stylish vampire would wear. After finally purchasing mine today, I looked at Jan Michaels’ website ( which has some annoying flash books and music, but mentions Mad Max and suggests you donate to an AIDS charity, so I guess it balances out. Some of her pieces are too art-teachery for me, but I love that most of her earrings are available as posts and clips, and she makes a hell of a ring:

I want all of these

awesome rings

I also went to Find on Free Street, where I had some store credit from selling clothes, and I got a lovely necklace by  Rusty Petals (  This line, by Portland jeweler Jenny McGee Dougherty, is aptly named: delicate and earthy, with sweet vintage charms, beautiful faded colors, and perfect feathers. It’s all very affordable, too (especially for me, with my aforementioned store credit).

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