29 Mar


These socks are eighteen dollars, so I hope they come with a free can of Desenex, as they are clearly used and will give you a fungal infection.

In other news, keep an eye on my Etsy site, as I plan to list my tattered old fishnets for the low low price of ten bucks!

One Response to “Seriously?”

  1. maggie March 30, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    I guess the desire to make new clothes look old and worn in is nothing new, but these socks are over the top. “Back in the 60’s”, now I know that sounds very trite, but that is when I was in high school, we worked very hard to make our jeans look lived in. A lifeguard on Cape Cod, we used to tie our jeans to the stern of the rowboat, leave them in the salt water for a good week or so, pour bleach on them, ground them in the sand, and leave them in the sun. Then they were perfect.

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