What’s hot this spring: undereye circles and store-brand Robitussin!

11 Apr

I have been sick for two weeks with a really gross cold, and have not felt like wearing anything other than stained t-shirts and Scottie-dog pajama pants. I tried four different cold remedies; most of them made me a slightly less snotty and coughy zombie. Today I can breathe through my nose, and that is AWESOME.

Last night I felt almost human, and went to Geno’s with Althea and her husband. Althea was wearing this crazy champagne/blush-colored shirt with little holes in the front of it. That sounds weird when I type it out. Crap, this blog is about clothes; why can’t I describe them? Anyway, it looked lovely on her, because she always pulls off unusual looks in an elegant way, and because she wore her trademark silver chain with its rotating cast of pendants and crystals, most of which look like they have mystical powers. She is probably a witch.

I wore this outfit, but I didn’t bring the long long pants:

thirty inch waist, thirty-six inch inseam

Also I wore different tights, because my pink tights melted in the dryer at the creepy laundromat (this was still a better experience than most I’ve had there, because a nice lady shared her detergent and nobody was drinking 40s and the cops didn’t come). If you like my sweet tiger shirt, you can get one too by clicking here.

Yeah, so I had fun with Althea and Jay and we ran into our friend Beth and we all looked awesome and I swear this one band played for an hour and a half. I’m so happy to be able to leave my house without everyone telling me how tired I look.

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