9 May

I’ve been bummed out about my money situation recently. My boyfriend and I had to spend quite a bit to fix our car, my health insurance just became way more expensive, and my broken foot ate up all of my paid sick days. I’m doing fine, but it’s not much fun having no extra money, so I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to make more. The biggest thing I need to do is make and sell more of my jewelry, especially now that I have an awesome craft room. I have a few things on etsy, with bigger selections at Find and Nova G. But last night, I wanted instant gratification, and I figured if there’s one thing I can do, it’s win a costume contest.

Last time I won a costume contest, it was at a Halloween party when I was seventeen. My little brother and I dressed as each other.

Halloween 2000

the rainbow socks are a nice touch

the prize!

I hadn’t entered a costume contest since, which is ridiculous considering I have a room full of clothes. Last night, there was a flannel shirt themed 90s dance party, with a fifty dollar cash prize for best costume. Obviously, I made a ball gown out of flannel shirts.

I started with a minidress made out of one shirt

I tied the sleeves as a sash

Then I added a halter-train made out of many shirts

it attached to my wrists with the cuffs of two shirts

like a plaid bat


I hope there will be some better pictures later– there was a professional photographer there. I was glad that I decided to make the minidress separate, because I was able to remove the train so I could do my sad hobble dance more effectively. Flannel is not a good fabric for dancing. I tied with a very sweaty man who was wearing layers and layers of flannel, even flannel pants. His outfit wasn’t as creative as mine, but I totally appreciate the dedication it takes to dance in that amount of flannel. We each got $25.

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