Good Things

2 Jun

I have been complaining way too much. My busted foot and my financial situation are making me a huge bummer. This needs to stop! Here are some good things:

I found a purse I don’t hate:

it's usually less squashed

It can fit all the stuff I need, including a hardcover book!

I sold some old clothes and new jewelry to Find:

go buy all this

I got store credit for the clothes I brought in, which enabled me to buy two more purses I don’t hate:

this one is a weird plastic envelope

now I am rich

this one has a lock and key!

I also got the perfect yellow sundress. No pictures yet, even though I wore it all weekend.

Good things that have nothing to do with clothes:

Sunday afternoon, I went over to Tara and Brian’s house with Mike and Althea. Our other friend Brian and his girlfriend Kara were there too, and it was a great summer night with good friends. Mike and Althea and I slept over, and Tara made us blueberry pancakes in the morning!

Monday afternoon, Mike and I went to Helen’s house to drink bloody Marys and be lazy.

Tuesday, I became CBD‘s customer of the month, which means I am famous and get a bunch of free coffee!

My mom insists on buying me sensible shoes. From her email: “Contrary to your belief system, fashion is NOT everything. Those feet have to last till you are dead. Look up pictures of bunions and other feet deformities to see what women have traditionally done to their feet!” Oh Mom. Always trying to get me to Google pictures of gruesome medical problems.*

Althea gives me haircuts I love for free:

I have not mastered the art of taking pictures of my own hair

And finally, here are some adorable animals I live with:



*Just kidding. Thanks Mom!

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