cute stuff for my mom

5 Aug

You may have noticed that there was no Cute Cheap Stuff set yesterday, but I have a good excuse: I was busy making guacamole, and my mother challenged me to make a set for her. In her words:

There is a good deal of cute stuff I can afford, but it seems noone really cares too much about fashion for my set-the pushing 60 woman, who does not want to wear kittens on her sweatshirt, or clothes designed for a teen or 20 something. I could go to a place like Chicos but things feel so “branded” there. If you buy a jacket and wear it people say “nice jacket-chicos, right”. My desire is for clothes with style that isn’t too young (think too much skin exposure) or too frumpy and matronly. Find this for me Kate, and I will buy you something too!!

So, I’m going to Cape Cod tonight to see my brother, and with my mom’s help, I’ll try to make an awesome set for her.

whatever Mom this is perfect for you

It’ll be good for me, too, and not just because she said she’d buy me something– I’d like to dress more professionally or “adult,” but I need to be able to move around in my clothes. My mom and I have similar bodies, and she shares my love of bright colors and comfortable cuts (she has to sit on the floor and chase after elementary schoolers, so no pencil skirts). I hope I’ll find some stylish and affordable stuff for both of us.

Oddly enough, this:

what's sad is I leaned real close to see what kind of camera he had

is what you get when you do a Google image search for Chico’s.

One Response to “cute stuff for my mom”

  1. kelly cunnane August 9, 2010 at 9:08 am #

    am waiting for the follow up on this slant to Sweet Disorder/Cute Stuff for My Mom, seeing as I fall slightly near this particular category, altho’ derived great pleasure and nostalgia from CVS report… Do not blame the peering at the camera man altho’ my peering would have been an imbalance of sorts, nothing to do with camera types but more about muscles etc. sigh.
    This better not be on freekin facebk wall Suggestion to Mom Category: go ethnic, go world; great textures, great meaningful stuff, feels global not all boxed into What’s In, but independent like women in the world who don’t want pubic exposing jeans or kitty sweatshirts but want strut able stuff… well, maybe I shoulda had only two not four cups of coffee before I got on this comment box. love to you kate…love your site to pieces.

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