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I’m still here.

28 Jul

my super-stylish bachelorette party

So, I’ve been the laziest blogger ever. Here’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing:

  • Playing bass with the Outfits. We are playing at Picnic Music and Arts Festival on August 27, plus we got a really nice write-up in the Phoenix’s Wax Tablet. I’m psyched about this new column, and not just because they wrote about my band– this is a great alternative to the press-release heavy column Sibilance, and is clearly written by someone who cares about the Portland music scene.
  • Working at Ferdinand! Come see me on Sundays from noon til 5, and stay tuned for details on the Ferd’s 10th anniversary bash! Also, check back tomorrow for a post on the amazing shirts Althea and I got there.
  • Working at the new Pinecone+Chickadee store on Free Street (next to Find). This store has all of the classic P+C shirts, onesies, and cards, as well as vintage housewares, wooden toys, jewelry, prints by Kris Johnsen and other local artists, Ferdinand shirts and cards, and a random assortment of cool things found by Wary Meyers. We will soon be expanding our photography section with vintage cameras, but right now we have camera kits and cyanotype paper and fabric.
  • Selling my jewelry at the Merchant Company on Congress Street. I share a table with Little Eye and eden natural bath and body. The Merchant Company is like an indoor, year-round craft fair/flea market. The whole place is jam-packed with insanely cool stuff that I am trying very hard not to buy, since I have to buy a stupid car instead.
  • Selling my jewelry at Find, a store that never has a window display without at least two items I desperately want.
  • Getting married. Mike and I got married on May 31 in our apartment.

    Photo by Audrey Hotchkiss

    Photo by Kristina Balbo, who also married us and helped me pick out rings (seashell cat and orange peace sign)

I Love Ferdinand

9 May

Last week, I was flipping through the Portland Phoenix as I waited for my delicious sandwich at Punky’s, and I noticed something weird. Ferdinand, one of my favorite local stores, was listed as “Best Last-Minute Costume Shop” in the Portland Best Readers Poll. As someone who buys a good portion of her everyday clothes there, I was kinda offended. The blurb, while no doubt written by someone who loves Ferdinand, does the store a disservice by treating it like a joke.

Ferdinand, which is owned by my friend Diane and staffed by her and Maddie (of Gertrude Knickerbocker, Find, and Moody Lords fame), does have plenty of vintage sweaters, dresses, slips, and shirts, but I’d hardly classify it as a clothing store, let alone a costume shop. It also has the “quirky* brooches” mentioned in the article, but I wear my hamburger pin almost every day, and nobody asks me if I’m wearing a costume.

Ferdinand is the first place I go when I’m looking for a birthday present, because there’s something for everyone there: handmade, stylish jewelry (almost all under fifteen dollars), letterpressed stationery (much of which is made by Diane right in the store), adorable, durable catnip mice by Doonyaya, art prints and posters, cute boots and shoes, four dollar silk scarves, eyeglass cases, journals, stuffed animals, screen-printed tshirts and onesies, sunglasses, mugs, and even hula hoops! The eclectic selection is constantly changing, and features many talented local artists, not to mention the mind-boggling amount of stuff that Diane makes herself.

Most of the clothing I’ve gotten at Ferdinand has gone into heavy rotation, including tshirts, altered vintage skirts, and underpants that feel like they’re custom-made for my butt. I also bought a gorgeous, floor-length vintage halter dress that I wore to Jay and Althea’s wedding reception. It’s fully-lined, fits me perfectly, and has a matching wrap jacket. I paid around fifteen bucks for it.

photo by Audrey Hotchkiss, who can be hired to take photos that make you look this good

I don’t disagree with the “last-minute” part of the Phoenix article: if you need earrings to match your outfit, Ferdinand has them, and they’re five dollars. If you need a card for any occasion, Ferdinand has one (or five). If you get cold, Ferdinand has sweaters in every color.

Diane and I have talked before about how awesome it would be if every day was Halloween, if people could just stop caring what others thought of them and wore whatever they want. But to say that she “cares far more about fun than fashion,” implies that fashion and fun are mutually exclusive, and I don’t buy that. Plus, while Ferdinand may be a store with a sense of humor, that doesn’t mean that Diane isn’t serious about what she’s doing. She works hard to keep her store, and by extension Portland, awesome and unique.


And she looks great doing it.

*As a person frequently referred to as “quirky,” I am so sick of this word. I feel like it’s become a euphemism, and I wish people weren’t scared to say what they really mean. Seriously, stop calling me “quirky.” I know you meant to say “weird” or possibly “borderline autistic.” I know I’m weird. Weird isn’t a pejorative.

free clothes!

25 Apr

Hey, do you want free awesome clothes from some of Portland’s most stylish people? Of course you do! And you’re in luck, because I’ve been helping a group of totally cool bloggers plan a huge clothing swap!

The swap is sponsored by Goodwill, and will be held at Head Games on 116 Free Street on May 21. At the door, you’ll receive a sweet tote bag that you can fill with clothes! If you drop off a bag of clean, undamaged clothing before May 21, you’ll get in for free. If you bring a bag of clothes to the swap, admission is $5. Even if you don’t bring anything, you can still fill a tote bag for only $10! There will also be coupons and other swag from some of our favorite local businesses.

We’re accepting good condition, clean clothes, shoes, and accessories for men and women, so start hoarding now! I am bringing TONS of stuff in sizes 6 through 14, so if you want my clothes, come get them!

Stuff and Junk: April 24, 2011

24 Apr

So, I’ve been super bad at updating my blog, but here’s some other stuff I’ve been into lately:

out of town Etsy

27 Feb

I know I’ve posted lots of local Etsy shops, but here are a few other shops that I really love.

pascalvintage This shop has a great selection of leather bags and shoes, and the prices, while not exactly low, are pretty reasonable.


osborneoddities I bought a shirt with a picture of a green-haired vampire girl on it, and I absolutely love it. This guy also has some cool monster and alien toys.



nobletownvintage Pretty, earthy, layerable necklaces and eye-catching earrings at shockingly low prices. I want almost everything in this shop.


Shrinkle Sexy vintage and reconstructed slips and dresses, modeled by ladies with amazing multicolored hair.



Gorgeously girly handmade clothes that I can’t afford but can’t stop looking at.


iheartnorwegianwood I want all of this! Such wearably weird clothing and accessories.

norwegian wood


MissVioletLace Look at all the different hairdos you could have if you bought wigs!



billyblue22 I want your skulls.


lovely picture

16 Feb

I clicked on this thumbnail on Tumblr because I thought this lady was wearing a turban, and I was all, “Holy crap, she’s wearing a turban and doesn’t look like a weirdo hipster fortune tellerĀ  from the 1920s*.” I probably need my eyes checked, because she’s totally not wearing a turban.

However, she does look totally awesome. Her outfit should be outrageously boring, but her otherwise almost austere look is perfectly contrasted with a pile of tough, covetable jewels. Also, now I want coffee.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Frankly, if you can rock the weirdo hipster fortune teller from the 1920s look, I’m super jealous.


13 Jan

I’ve been making some treasuries on Etsy. Audrey started doing it, then I did, and I’ve discovered that treasury-making may be habit-forming.

(click on pictures to see the full treasury)

this one features a superhot dress from GrandmaJune


this one is creepy


this one makes me think of Aunt Kelly

leopard print nails

2 Jan

My package of awesome clothes didn’t come in time for my party, but I managed to pull something together with skintight jeans, a denim vest, tinsel, and headphones.


I don’t know why I used my camera phone for this.

The best part of my outfit, though, was my LEOPARD PRINT NAILS.

I did not paint those. I’m not that talented. I tried the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (they don’t appear to be up on the Sally Hansen website yet, but I got mine at CVS Westgate). These things are weird little nail stickers, and they work pretty well. They’re $10 for 16 strips, which is pretty pricey, but I found that if you have short nails, you can use one strip for two nails. Once you file off the excess, it feels like real nail polish, only it’s already dry! The package says “lasts up to 10 days,” but I have no idea if that’s true or not, since I am a huge nail polish picker Gross! My superfast manicure has barely chipped so far, though.

Happy New Year!

in defense of Taylor Momsen’s borderline-pornographic outfits.

14 Nov

I don’t watch Gossip Girl, so I don’t really know anything about Taylor Momsen. What I do know is that the entire internet is freaking out because she is seventeen and wearing more eyeliner than clothing.

While I realize that Taylor’s outfits are pretty inappropriate for someone who isn’t old enough to vote, I can’t be offended by this. Why? Because this is exactly how I would have dressed at seventeen if I had only had the money/lack of parental supervision.

At seventeen, more than anything, I wanted to look sexy and tough, probably because, at seventeen, I wasn’t either of those things. I was a breastless string bean whose parents once punished her by taking away the book she was reading.

You may remember from earlier posts what happened when I got to college:

I can only assume it is natural for teenage girls to wear bras as shirts.

Cut Taylor Momsen some slack, because you know your teenage self would kill for those boots she’s wearing in the second picture.


13 Nov
  • When shopping online, avoid purchasing items described as “granny,” “grunge,” or “boyfriend.” These words are code for “can be found at most thrift shops for less than five bucks.”
  • Vegan leather? Back in my day, we called that shit pleather, and it was cheeeeap.
  • Your outfit deserves better than flipflops. If you’re gonna wear boring shoes, they should at least have arch support. Exceptions: beaches, dorm showers, hot hot days.
  • If you are going more than a block away from your house, you need to take off your pajamas and put on some real clothes. The whole world isn’t your damn living room.
  • Gold shoes go with everything.
  • If you can’t find pants that fit, you’re not alone. Your body is not weird. OK, maybe your body is weird, but pants are the worst.
  • If you have big boobs and you find a bra that fits for under $15, BUY IT IN EVERY COLOR. You’ll regret it if you don’t, and if you try to go back to the store the next day to buy more, some smarter big boob lady will have gotten there first.
  • Don’t wear anything with the Playboy bunny on it. It just makes everyone feel sorry for you. Exceptions: anyone 80 or older.
  • Wear shorts under miniskirts so you can go up stairs and not worry about creeps looking at your butt.
  • Wear a coat; it’s fucking cold outside. Didn’t your mom teach you anything?
  • Tights are awesome, especially when they are thick and warm or have cool patterns on them.
  • There’s a whole universe of socks out there for you to explore.
  • Fingerless gloves are adorable, but so are mittens, so get both.
  • You look fine in that swimsuit, so shut up and go in the water. Everyone else is just worrying about their own body anyway.
  • Althea’s tip: Always have a defined butt. I agree. Jeans with a saggy rear make you look like you have a saggy rear. Butts of any size look good in tight pants, and the world will be a better place if people’s butts look good.
  • Nobody ever looked bad in a plaid shirt. OK, probably some people looked bad.
  • You can’t have too many beat up old band tshirts.
  • Get a purse big enough to carry a paperback, because sometimes parties are boring.
  • If you are wearing makeup, why are you wearing sweatpants? What the hell? This combination is so weird. Knock it off. It takes so much longer to put on makeup than it does to put on real pants.
  • Speaking of sweatpants, your ass is not a billboard.
  • You need to wear a shirt under your hoodie. You’re gonna lose a nipple in that zipper, and I’m not going to have any sympathy.
  • Giant logos are tacky.
  • You’re never too tall to wear heels.
  • You’re never too short to wear flats.
  • Head to toe designer clothing is not a substitute for actual personal style.
  • Don’t wear anything uncomfortable (unless it makes you look totally hot).
  • You can mix gold and silver jewelry as long as you try really hard not to look like a middle schooler.
  • Doc Martens are worth the money. Mine have lasted twelve years, and I still wear them all the time.
  • Fancy purses are probably not worth the money, but I wouldn’t know, since I got mine at the L.L. Bean outlet and had to rip someone else’s initials out of it.
  • If other people don’t like your outfit, they’re wrong.