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Stuff and Junk: April 24, 2011

24 Apr

So, I’ve been super bad at updating my blog, but here’s some other stuff I’ve been into lately:


23 Jan

If you want to keep track of the different places I post my writing, see some of my photography, and look at adorable kitten GIFs, please visit my tumblr.

most of my photography does not consist of lousy old Polaroids of my cats, but come on, GirlWalter is adorable

Lifetime, Wow!

14 Jan

There’s a new review up at Lifetime, Wow, which now has a new WordPress home! So much newness!

I just thought you might want to see this again.


15 Nov

The theme last week on my friend Josh’s blog was “fashion” and he and his co-blogger (I don’t know what words to use on the internet) Meg let me submit something late. So, if you’re interested, read a thing I wrote about Polyvore and heroin and what I later learned was an MGMT lyric. There’s a ton of other awesome posts from a variety of writers on a variety of topics on the site, too.

Also, in honor of the fourth Scratchpad reading tomorrow (which you should totally go to), and because I feel like it, here’s one of the pieces I read back in August (I am putting it “after the jump” because it involves a crazy person yelling very rude things):

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