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I am the worst at doing anything in December.

24 Dec

Last night, I dreamt that Find had an amazing sale and I shopped there for hours. I have also had this dream about Ferdinand, and a vintage store that only exists in my dreams. I should not have recurring fashion dreams, but I do.

This week, I got a gorgeous gold fishscale belt at Material Objects to replace my old one that disintegrated. Now I must wear belted dresses forever so I have an excuse for this belt.

write on

18 Aug

I had so much fun reading last night at Scratchpad. I met some nice writery folks, drank a beer that wasn’t Miller High Life or PBR and actually enjoyed it, and people totally laughed out loud at my piece and clapped for me! I might post the shorter piece on this blog later in the week, even though it has nothing to do with clothes.

I know I talked about my dad’s book to some people after the readings were over, so here’s a link to his website so you can buy his book and read the sex scene that traumatized me for life. Thanks a lot, Dad.

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed his book, and just knowing that he wrote a novel is comforting to me. Usually, I think about people writing novels and I feel tired in the same way that I do when I think about people doing triathlons. Knowing that my dad wrote an entire book while still having a job and a social life and being super in love with my mom gives me hope for my own future in writing.

Now get going on that sequel, Dad, because I wanna know what happens next!

cute stuff you might actually be able to afford: shoes

21 Jul

My cute cheap stuff posts were featured in the nicest post ever by Allie/Bess of Broke 207, which is a seriously entertaining (and frequently updated!) blog, even if you’re not broke (but you probably are). I’m especially flattered because Allie always looks super stylish. I have never seen her wear anything boring or ugly, so she must be some kind of bargain-shopping wizard.

Once I pay off my giant medical bill, my foot should be ready to wear heels again. IN MODERATION. But I still have to wear sneakers to work forever. Ugh.

Cheap Stuff: ShoesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Cheap Stuff: Shoes by sweetdisorder featuring Converse shoes

I can’t choose a favorite. Oh my goodness I love shoes so much.

Look at my Face

5 Jun

I’m trying out a new look for my blog. I love the colors, but I’m not sure how I feel about having a huge picture of my face right on top of the page.