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Stuff and Junk: June 7,2010

7 Jun


  • Here’s an awesome lady’s blog. Warning: boob.
  • Great Danes look like they have extra elbows.” -Roger Ebert
  • I would have totally given this place a chance based on the description of a skirt in this review, but the comments left by the owners a “friend” of the owners made me realize that my money is better spent at the many superior, nice-people-owned consignment stores in town.
  • A fellow Kate gave me some tips on cute shorts. She has a blog that’s filled with gorgeous pictures that will make you hungry.
  • Tomorrow my aircast comes off for part of the day! Everyone is excited to not have to listen to me bitch anymore!*
  • Everything tastes better than skinny feels.
  • My stuff never comes to life. I’m okay with that.
  • My friend Tara has the cutest, most well-behaved puppy ever. Seriously, I watched a baby grab his snout and drool on his head and Rondo didn’t bark or snarl or bite or anything. He also sat through brunch without begging. His sister needs a home.

*I will find something new to bitch about.


26 May

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he pulled on my toe and told me my foot was still broken. I have to wear my Aircast for three more weeks. Gross. It’s super hot and I want to wear sandals. I don’t own any sandals, but if I didn’t have medical bills and a busted foot, I could probably go buy some sandals and wear BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME! I miss wearing matching shoes, although it was pretty great when one of my customers didn’t realize that my boot was a cast and thought I was wearing mismatched footwear as a fashion statement. “That is wild!” he said. I love that guy.
I also love my friends at CBD, who give me coffee and sometimes draw on my cup:

this is a boot, not a heart

So, now I guess I’ll just have to hope my boot survives these next weeks. It’s looking pretty beat up. If I bought a pair of shoes and they fell apart this fast, I would return them. At least this thing is magically healing my footbones while making the rest of me lopsided and unfashionable.