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I Love Ferdinand

9 May

Last week, I was flipping through the Portland Phoenix as I waited for my delicious sandwich at Punky’s, and I noticed something weird. Ferdinand, one of my favorite local stores, was listed as “Best Last-Minute Costume Shop” in the Portland Best Readers Poll. As someone who buys a good portion of her everyday clothes there, I was kinda offended. The blurb, while no doubt written by someone who loves Ferdinand, does the store a disservice by treating it like a joke.

Ferdinand, which is owned by my friend Diane and staffed by her and Maddie (of Gertrude Knickerbocker, Find, and Moody Lords fame), does have plenty of vintage sweaters, dresses, slips, and shirts, but I’d hardly classify it as a clothing store, let alone a costume shop. It also has the “quirky* brooches” mentioned in the article, but I wear my hamburger pin almost every day, and nobody asks me if I’m wearing a costume.

Ferdinand is the first place I go when I’m looking for a birthday present, because there’s something for everyone there: handmade, stylish jewelry (almost all under fifteen dollars), letterpressed stationery (much of which is made by Diane right in the store), adorable, durable catnip mice by Doonyaya, art prints and posters, cute boots and shoes, four dollar silk scarves, eyeglass cases, journals, stuffed animals, screen-printed tshirts and onesies, sunglasses, mugs, and even hula hoops! The eclectic selection is constantly changing, and features many talented local artists, not to mention the mind-boggling amount of stuff that Diane makes herself.

Most of the clothing I’ve gotten at Ferdinand has gone into heavy rotation, including tshirts, altered vintage skirts, and underpants that feel like they’re custom-made for my butt. I also bought a gorgeous, floor-length vintage halter dress that I wore to Jay and Althea’s wedding reception. It’s fully-lined, fits me perfectly, and has a matching wrap jacket. I paid around fifteen bucks for it.

photo by Audrey Hotchkiss, who can be hired to take photos that make you look this good

I don’t disagree with the “last-minute” part of the Phoenix article: if you need earrings to match your outfit, Ferdinand has them, and they’re five dollars. If you need a card for any occasion, Ferdinand has one (or five). If you get cold, Ferdinand has sweaters in every color.

Diane and I have talked before about how awesome it would be if every day was Halloween, if people could just stop caring what others thought of them and wore whatever they want. But to say that she “cares far more about fun than fashion,” implies that fashion and fun are mutually exclusive, and I don’t buy that. Plus, while Ferdinand may be a store with a sense of humor, that doesn’t mean that Diane isn’t serious about what she’s doing. She works hard to keep her store, and by extension Portland, awesome and unique.


And she looks great doing it.

*As a person frequently referred to as “quirky,” I am so sick of this word. I feel like it’s become a euphemism, and I wish people weren’t scared to say what they really mean. Seriously, stop calling me “quirky.” I know you meant to say “weird” or possibly “borderline autistic.” I know I’m weird. Weird isn’t a pejorative.

Stuff and Junk: September 11,2010

11 Sep

I'm a lady, you greasy bastard!

  • I went to Novare Res, ordered their cheapest wine, and met a whole slew of awesome Portland bloggers. All of them were rather impressively well-turned-out.
  • Afterward, Althea, Allie, and I went to see an amateur burlesque contest at Genos.
  • Here‘s a fascinating critique of superhero fashion.
  • Audrey and I scored big time at Moody Lords last Friday. Seriously, if you like awesome, affordable vintage clothes and records, you need to go there.
  • Have I mentioned that I’m writing for my friend Rusty’s blog? It’s about Lifetime movies, which means I finally have an excuse to watch Lifetime movies.
  • I definitely mentioned being mistaken for a hooker. Here‘s a great video about being mistaken for a hooker.

the hunger still remains as the styles change

20 Jun

Since I broke my foot, I have gained about ten pounds, which means I am still at a healthy weight for my height, but which also means I no longer fit in any of my pants. I have learned a valuable lesson about buying skintight pants (the lesson is: don’t), but I’m kinda bummed out. I know that my boyfriend and parents and feminists and everyone who isn’t a total jerk thinks I should be happy with the body I have, that I should exercise and eat good food and be grateful for my health no matter what size I am, but WHAT THE FUCK I HAVE NO PANTS!

Sorry. I am pretty lucky to be as thin as I am, considering my hatred of exercise and love of hot dogs, but it’s hard for me to face the fact that it took me a year to lose twenty-five pounds and a month to gain ten. The part of me that wants to be above our bullshit, fat-shaming culture is at war with the part of me that fears being asked “when’s the baby due?” when wearing an empire waist dress (some advice: never ask anyone when her baby is due unless you have seen an ultrasound, and never wear an empire waist dress [unless you are Olivia Hussey in Romeo and Juliet]).

Until I was about 20, I was known as the skinny girl. As a teenager, I was five foot ten and less than a hundred and twenty pounds.

oh whatever like you didn't dress this way in college

Even though I know that maybe a lady’s clavicle isn’t supposed to be quite so pronounced, even though I think I look prettier now, people used to ask me if I was a model. Nobody ever asked me if I’m a model anymore. I finally grew the breasts that I wished I had when that picture was taken, and now I have to get down on my knees at stores to reach the bras in my size. Why are all the bigger bras on the lowest racks? Is somebody watching all the big boob ladies on the security cameras as we scour the racks for something that isn’t white or beige? It’s like all the cute bras are made for chicks who don’t even need them.

I was relating all this to Tara and Althea at Sonny’s a week or so ago. I mentioned how I needed to ride my bike when my foot healed and start eating better. Then I asked if they wanted to get French fries.

“Wait, didn’t you just finish saying you wanted to lose weight?,” Tara laughed.

“Well, I don’t want to lose weight more than I want to eat French fries,” I said.

I almost didn’t write this, because I was afraid that it would look like I was trying to get people to tell me I’m not fat (I know I’m not), and because nobody wants to listen to a size ten bitch about how her pants don’t fit. Clearly, though, part of my problem is that I seriously need to get over myself, so fuck it. This is how I feel, even if it’s pretty silly.

Especially when you consider that I am eating a huge plate of sausage right now.

Good Things

2 Jun

I have been complaining way too much. My busted foot and my financial situation are making me a huge bummer. This needs to stop! Here are some good things:

I found a purse I don’t hate:

it's usually less squashed

It can fit all the stuff I need, including a hardcover book! Continue reading

Google image search inspiration!

28 Mar

Kate Nash:

from shelvesofvinyl.blogspot.com

I haven’t really listened to much of this lady’s music, but she’s a snappy dresser and I LOVE her makeup¬† here.

Keith Richards may not have aged well, but he had the best hair:


I need this haircut

And here, I should be thinking “drug problem,” but I just want to print this out and bring it to my hairdresser (Althea):


that belt buckle is pretty sweet

Other good ideas:

  • Vince Noir
  • Josephine Baker
  • Louise Brooks
  • Joan Jett
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • skate witches (Althea and Tara taught me everything I know)