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I hate clogs

18 Mar

Clogs are back, and that is gross. I know that sounds judgmental, but look at this ankle-snapping bullshit:


the case against clogs

I was okay with clogs until now. My mom has every style of Naots ever made, and they are so comfortable that she has been duct-taping her favorite pair back together for years. I have worn them when walking the family dog, and while they may not be something I want to rush out and buy, I understand the dressy-bedroom-slipper appeal.
However, even these sensible clogs have a dark side: My mother once chased an unruly student down the newly-waxed hallway of the elementary school where she works, only to have her favorite shoes betray her by sticking to the floor. Clogs have no back, so her foot slid right out and she slipped and slammed into a concrete wall (actually, typing this out, I’m realizing that maybe this isn’t a clog problem. The Sullivan women seem to fall down often).
For me, the only good thing about clogs is the whole bedroom-slipper-outside thing, so the addition of a heel is just wrong. How do you keep your feet in these? And why do they have fleece trim? It’s not like your feet are going to be warm with your heel hanging out all exposed to the elements. And what would you wear with these? Is there an outfit that cries out for high-heeled fleece-lined clogs? I guess these would be a nice touch for a Slutty St. Pauli Girl Halloween costume.

I’d rather clean a clogged sink than wear these clogs.