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Stuff and Junk: June 26, 2010

26 Jun

  • Google Image Search Inspiration: Betty Davis. Betty with a Y.
  • YES.
  • This boat party was awesome. So is Jenna.
  • Whoa Jenny Holzer shoes!
  • Sorry, Charney: Why one former American Apparel fan has fallen out of love.
  • I’m the obsessor: Elly Jackson at men’s fashion week!
  • More men’s fashion: I like this boy’s hair and outfit. I also like that in every other picture, this model looks mildly embarrassed by his clothes. Understandably.


15 Jun

I have recently developed an obsession with La Roux, which began when Tara mentioned that she had Bulletproof stuck in her head, and culminated with me drunkenly attempting some ill-advised Aquanet experiments.

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