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adventures with Audrey

29 Oct

Audrey wrote another hilarious post about our continuing photography misadventures. You should totally read it.

Fortunately, despite all the photoshoot craziness, I have managed to update my Etsy store, so you should totally look at that, too.

Now with more goofy pictures of me!


11 Apr

My mom recently found and scanned some photos of me as a kid wearing some cool outfits:

I wish I could find that turban

The uncropped version of this one shows that the Christmas tree next to me is wearing less tinsel than I am.

not shown: a strip of eggcrate mattress that I know was attached to the back of my head

This outfit would become even more ridiculous if I revealed the idea behind it, but I won’t. In my defense, it was Halloween.

why doesn't my hair look like this anymore?

This last one is my favorite, because my mother let me wear it out to Four Seas Ice Cream, the best ice cream place in the world. Something that always makes me happy is seeing a little kid in some crazy getup that their parents obviously let them pick out and wear in public just-this-once. I feel that what children choose to dress up in before they’ve learned to care about what’s cool or weather-appropriate is the purest, happiest form of fashion. Next time you see a four-year-old in a tutu and galoshes, ask yourself, “is this really any less practical than what I’ve seen on the runway this season?”

Google image search inspiration!

28 Mar

Kate Nash:

from shelvesofvinyl.blogspot.com

I haven’t really listened to much of this lady’s music, but she’s a snappy dresser and I LOVE her makeup¬† here.

Keith Richards may not have aged well, but he had the best hair:


I need this haircut

And here, I should be thinking “drug problem,” but I just want to print this out and bring it to my hairdresser (Althea):


that belt buckle is pretty sweet

Other good ideas:

  • Vince Noir
  • Josephine Baker
  • Louise Brooks
  • Joan Jett
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • skate witches (Althea and Tara taught me everything I know)