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9 May

I’m looking for a purse that is big enough to carry my phone, my wallet, my iPod, my planner, a novel, a small notebook, my keys, and my huge tub of Carmex, but is smaller than an overnight bag. I don’t want a weird amorphous sack with a drawstring and giant grommets, which is unfortunate, because these are oozing off the racks at every store. It has to close well enough to protect my stuff from a small amount of rain. I like structure, pockets and compartments, and a thick shoulder strap. I hate contrasting topstitching, giant logos, and overly shiny hardware. I would like it to be a fun color, but it has to be versatile enough to not look out of place with any of my nonfancy outfits. I’m thinking camel or cognac leather (or pleather), or pale blue or mustard yellow canvas. Here are some examples of bags I don’t hate:

I can’t afford any of these purses. The cheapest one is $235, and the one I want the most is almost two thousand dollars. Even if I had an extra two thousand dollars, I wouldn’t spend it on a purse. What I want is something similar to these purses, but under thirty bucks. I would be willing to pay more if it were handmade. My friend got an awesome leather bag at the first Picnic in 2008, but he couldn’t remember the name of the person who made it. If anyone reading this knows who was selling those gorgeous leather bags, please let me know so that I can end my search for a cheap knockoff. In the meantime, I will scour thrift shops and wait for Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx to stock some handbags that don’t look like blobs with chain straps.


9 May

I’ve been bummed out about my money situation recently. My boyfriend and I had to spend quite a bit to fix our car, my health insurance just became way more expensive, and my broken foot ate up all of my paid sick days. I’m doing fine, but it’s not much fun having no extra money, so I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to make more. The biggest thing I need to do is make and sell more of my jewelry, especially now that I have an awesome craft room. I have a few things on etsy, with bigger selections at Find and Nova G. But last night, I wanted instant gratification, and I figured if there’s one thing I can do, it’s win a costume contest.

Last time I won a costume contest, it was at a Halloween party when I was seventeen. My little brother and I dressed as each other.

Halloween 2000

the rainbow socks are a nice touch

the prize!

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26 Apr

I just wanted to note that vintage clothing store Find has a shiny new website. Find is one of my favorite local stores, and is located dangerously close to where I work. I’ve gotten some really cute stuff there, and sold some of my old cute stuff there as well.

Fancy Jewelry Day

9 Mar

Today I bought two pieces of  brass jewelry from designers on opposite coasts and managed to spend less than forty dollars. And the money I spent barely counts, because I just got a check from the FTC for being a dummy who believes false advertising claims.

I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous Jan Michaels ring at Motif on Exchange Street ever since my friend Althea bought a ring from the same line. Mine is a big rose quartz ball set in a cage of antiqued brass filigree, and hers looks like something a stylish vampire would wear. After finally purchasing mine today, I looked at Jan Michaels’ website (http://janmichaels.com/) which has some annoying flash books and music, but mentions Mad Max and suggests you donate to an AIDS charity, so I guess it balances out. Some of her pieces are too art-teachery for me, but I love that most of her earrings are available as posts and clips, and she makes a hell of a ring:

I want all of these

awesome rings

I also went to Find on Free Street, where I had some store credit from selling clothes, and I got a lovely necklace by  Rusty Petals ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/RustyPetals).  This line, by Portland jeweler Jenny McGee Dougherty, is aptly named: delicate and earthy, with sweet vintage charms, beautiful faded colors, and perfect feathers. It’s all very affordable, too (especially for me, with my aforementioned store credit).

Product Review: Betsey Johnson tights

8 Mar

So I bought a two-pack of Betsey Johnson tights. I wore the bright purple ones on my drive from the Cape to Portland last night, because I’m an idiot and I like to get all dressed up to sit on the Sagamore Bridge for over an hour. At least the car in front of me was filled with cute dogs.

I was moved to write a product review of these tights because they are super soft and stay up well without totally squishing me, but mostly because they dry very fast. I learned this on Route 1 in Saugus after I opened a bottle of water with one hand and managed to spill half of it between my legs. Shocked to be sitting in a bracingly cold puddle of Poland Spring, I nearly rear-ended a minivan.

So thank you, Betsey Johnson or whatever factory makes your tights, for making them so fast-drying. You made my four and a half hour drive slightly less awful.

I would also like to thank the two hilarious guys at the Hess gas station for getting me a bun for my hot dog.

Life’s the same, except for my shoes.

6 Mar

I would like to thank Seychelles for making extremely adorable shoes, and TJ Maxx for sometimes selling them for fifteen bucks or less. I have these supersoft gold oxfords that I wear to work most days. I should really get them resoled. They’ve got really smooth soles, and once I slipped and fell on my ass in the middle of Congress Street and almost died because of my gold shoes! Also, the clackity heel inspires old men who walk past me on my way to work to ask me to tap dance, but that doesn’t bother me.

The other Seychelles shoes I have are these adorable black heels:

love means never having to buy your size

photo by Aubin Thomas

They are a half size too small, but they were seven dollars, and I can just wear them when I go out and drink whiskey until my feet stop hurting. (Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this [you are], I want to make it clear that that was an exaggeration.)