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cute stuff you might actually be able to afford: back to school

1 Sep

For me, one of the most exciting parts of fashion has always been back to school shopping. Hell, back to school shopping has always been one of my favorite parts of school. After staring at the September issues on the magazine racks at work, I was inspired to create a set full of items that both the current and high school versions of myself would love.

How do I not already own that Misfits shirt?

cute cheap stuff: back to school

cute stuff you might actually be able to afford: blue and yellow

20 Jun

I made this set on Polyvore with items that are fifty bucks or less. I’m thinking I might make this a regular feature, because even though fifty dollars is more than I usually spend on an article of clothing, some of the stores that are featured here have good sales, and I will use any excuse to make these silly collages.

Stuff and Junk: June 7,2010

7 Jun


  • Here’s an awesome lady’s blog. Warning: boob.
  • Great Danes look like they have extra elbows.” -Roger Ebert
  • I would have totally given this place a chance based on the description of a skirt in this review, but the comments left by the owners a “friend” of the owners made me realize that my money is better spent at the many superior, nice-people-owned consignment stores in town.
  • A fellow Kate gave me some tips on cute shorts. She has a blog that’s filled with gorgeous pictures that will make you hungry.
  • Tomorrow my aircast comes off for part of the day! Everyone is excited to not have to listen to me bitch anymore!*
  • Everything tastes better than skinny feels.
  • My stuff never comes to life. I’m okay with that.
  • My friend Tara has the cutest, most well-behaved puppy ever. Seriously, I watched a baby grab his snout and drool on his head and Rondo didn’t bark or snarl or bite or anything. He also sat through brunch without begging. His sister needs a home.

*I will find something new to bitch about.

Who wears short shorts?

26 May

I need your help. I need your help finding shorts. I am five feet ten inches tall, so I have long legs and shorts look shorter on me. My shorts are old and falling apart, but stores seem to stock shorts for two kinds of people:

  • Soccer moms who want to hide their cellulite under voluminous pleat-front knee length khaki monstrosities
  • Sixteen-year-olds who want to look like truck stop hookers in skintight hot pants so short they require a bikini wax

I do not fit in either of these categories. If it’s hot out, I’m not going to worry about who sees my cellulite. Actually, I think maybe if we all stop caring about who sees our cellulite, we’ll see each other’s lumpy thighs and realize that we are all normal. That said, while I’m not interested in hiding my body, I’d rather not wear clothing that exaggerates the fact that the only exercise I get involves walking to the bodega to buy snacks. So, nothing super tight, because that’s not flattering or comfortable in the heat. Also, nothing weirdly short. If you have to worry about whether or not people can see your pubes, you’re not really wearing clothes, you’re wearing glorified underpants with pockets and beltloops, and people around you feel uncomfortable.

So I guess I’m looking for shorts that hit about mid-thigh, aren’t too tight or too baggy, and are stylish in a way that doesn’t make me look fourteen or fifty. If anybody knows where I should go, let me know.

I totally found a purse I liked after complaining about purses on here, so I’m optimistic about my future in shorts.