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Hey, it’s my closet!

29 Nov

Everyone needs to go watch this video of me and my closet at Fore Front Fashion.


Also, I dyed my hair black. I am now totally confused every time I see my reflection.

it is hard to photograph your own hair

closet tour!

23 Nov

Tonight, Laura and Nate from Fore Front Fashion are coming to see my closet/craft space, which fills an entire spare bedroom. I’m so psyched to show it to them!

Here’s a picture of part of my desk… keep an eye on their site for more!

I need to write about how I ended up with a signed photograph of Jimmy Buffett

local awesomeness

2 Nov

My Etsy store has been featured on the fabulous Portland style blog, Fore Front Fashion! There’s a whole bunch of cool shops listed, and I’m flattered to be included.