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Stuff and Junk: April 24, 2011

24 Apr

So, I’ve been super bad at updating my blog, but here’s some other stuff I’ve been into lately:

stuff and junk: January 18, 2011

18 Jan


  • Maybe I’m just sentimental because I know someone who wears Opium, but I love the writing on this perfume blog: “Opium was so much more than a fragrance. It became an identity. Just as Chanel No. 5 showed its wearer as someone elegant and timeless (or at least trying to be elegant and timeless), the woman who wore Opium signaled that her life was rife with exoticism and secrets, even if she lived in a split level in the suburbs”.
  • I have some cool new stuff in my Etsy shop, and you should buy it all. Use coupon code “SWEETDISORDER” and get 20% off just for reading my blog! Holy crap! What a deal!

  • Allie of Broke207 introduced me to the champagne cocktail. I’m all about anything with a sugarcube in it.
  • Go listen to this album. My boyfriend and dear friends made it, and I took the picture on the front (other cool albums).
  • Here’s a good picture to bring to your hairdresser:

  • Those awesome Sally Hansen nail polish strips are at CVS on Congress Street now, so buy them before I do.
  • I’m going to make a fashion-themed mixtape for you guys. Any requests? Don’t worry, I could never forget “Raspberry Beret.” Also, is there a good website to make an internet mixtape? Do I sound eighty years old when I ask that? Let me know.

she walked in through the out door

Stuff and Junk: October 17, 2010

17 Oct

  • “It was called a Red Carpet Affair, but it was an unfair affair” : teen girls were turned away from their homecoming dance because they weren’t dressed “modestly.”
  • Holy crap guys, it’s the X-Men version of  Terry Richardson. Wait, are the costumed crusaders who oppose him supposed to be the bad guys?
  • Audrey and I had a photo shoot last week that ended in disaster, but we totally made up for it today! This means that I have all kinds of neat stuff up at my Etsy store, with more to come!

no jewelry was actually licked during this photoshoot

  • Today is Audrey‘s birthday, and she is totally awesome and has new stuff on her Etsy, too!


  • “I used to look for guys who don’t list Fight Club in their favorites, but I’ve had to relax that rule, because all dudes evidently love Fight Club. I do draw the line at Ayn Rand.” -Jaclyn Friedman, on online dating profiles. This interview is great.
  • On Thursday, I watched Allie of Broke207 compete at an amateur burlesque contest at Geno’s. She totally won, totally deserved to, and totally had a Thighmaster!

Audrey made this.


22 Sep

Dear whoever searched for these things:

I think we should be friends.

Love, Kate

Stuff and Junk: September 11,2010

11 Sep

I'm a lady, you greasy bastard!

  • I went to Novare Res, ordered their cheapest wine, and met a whole slew of awesome Portland bloggers. All of them were rather impressively well-turned-out.
  • Afterward, Althea, Allie, and I went to see an amateur burlesque contest at Genos.
  • Here‘s a fascinating critique of superhero fashion.
  • Audrey and I scored big time at Moody Lords last Friday. Seriously, if you like awesome, affordable vintage clothes and records, you need to go there.
  • Have I mentioned that I’m writing for my friend Rusty’s blog? It’s about Lifetime movies, which means I finally have an excuse to watch Lifetime movies.
  • I definitely mentioned being mistaken for a hooker. Here‘s a great video about being mistaken for a hooker.

Stuff and Junk: August 12, 2010

12 Aug
  • Holy crap everybody, I’m gonna be reading stuff I wrote at Scratchpad #3 on Tuesday at Mama’s CrowBar! The Scratchpad Reading Series, started by the wonderful Mary Phillips-Sandy, is a quarterly fiction/nonfiction reading that features works-in-progress. Please come if you live around here!
  • This is old, but hilarious: vandalism of Diesel’s obnoxious “BE STUPID” ads.
  • I would like to draw everyone’s attention to this gorgeous dress.


  • Please buy my boyfriend’s car, even though he mocks my glorious station wagon in the Craigslist ad.
  • Nobody listens to me: despite my best efforts, everyone will soon give in to the Canadian Business Suit.


  • Aw look, it’s Diane from Ferdinand! Look how adorable she is and how awesome her store is! Do it now!
  • Another fabulous local store, Find, is celebrating its first birthday, which means snacks and a sale!
  • I don’t understand why I’m not wearing this outfit:


14 Jul

My weekly cheap stuff Polyvore is late, because I forgot to schedule one in advance, and because I am sick for the hundredth time this year. I just woke up after a morning of crazy sick lady dreams, but I’ll have a new set up later today. This week’s theme is pants, because I still don’t have any.

Stuff and Junk: June 26, 2010

26 Jun

  • Google Image Search Inspiration: Betty Davis. Betty with a Y.
  • YES.
  • This boat party was awesome. So is Jenna.
  • Whoa Jenny Holzer shoes!
  • Sorry, Charney: Why one former American Apparel fan has fallen out of love.
  • I’m the obsessor: Elly Jackson at men’s fashion week!
  • More men’s fashion: I like this boy’s hair and outfit. I also like that in every other picture, this model looks mildly embarrassed by his clothes. Understandably.

Stuff and Junk: June 21, 2010

21 Jun
La RouxFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

La Roux by sweetdisorder on

  • People keep coming to this blog by searching “Elly Jackson gay.” Because obviously, a chick from Maine with a blog about clothes knows all about the personal life of an electropop star from England.
  • I’m getting excited about this year’s Picnic Festival on August 28! I’ll be selling stuff with my awesome friend and craft buddy Audrey Hotchkiss.
  • My boyfriend’s band is having a CD release show on Wednesday. This is totally clothes related because Tara always wears the best outfits and Mike will probably wear his Cosmo Kramer shirt. Also, singer and songwriter Tara just got engaged to songwriter and guitar player Brian!
  • Mike’s grandmother told me I looked like Liza Minnelli, and it was pretty much the best thing I ever heard.

  • Sunscreen!
  • Watch out for this creep.
  • Mike found this delicious recipe for Buffalo chicken sandwiches. My awesome coworker Pam gave me a slowcooker when she realized she had three, and it has seriously changed my life for the better.

Stuff and Junk: June 7,2010

7 Jun


  • Here’s an awesome lady’s blog. Warning: boob.
  • Great Danes look like they have extra elbows.” -Roger Ebert
  • I would have totally given this place a chance based on the description of a skirt in this review, but the comments left by the owners a “friend” of the owners made me realize that my money is better spent at the many superior, nice-people-owned consignment stores in town.
  • A fellow Kate gave me some tips on cute shorts. She has a blog that’s filled with gorgeous pictures that will make you hungry.
  • Tomorrow my aircast comes off for part of the day! Everyone is excited to not have to listen to me bitch anymore!*
  • Everything tastes better than skinny feels.
  • My stuff never comes to life. I’m okay with that.
  • My friend Tara has the cutest, most well-behaved puppy ever. Seriously, I watched a baby grab his snout and drool on his head and Rondo didn’t bark or snarl or bite or anything. He also sat through brunch without begging. His sister needs a home.

*I will find something new to bitch about.