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write on

18 Aug

I had so much fun reading last night at Scratchpad. I met some nice writery folks, drank a beer that wasn’t Miller High Life or PBR and actually enjoyed it, and people totally laughed out loud at my piece and clapped for me! I might post the shorter piece on this blog later in the week, even though it has nothing to do with clothes.

I know I talked about my dad’s book to some people after the readings were over, so here’s a link to his website so you can buy his book and read the sex scene that traumatized me for life. Thanks a lot, Dad.

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed his book, and just knowing that he wrote a novel is comforting to me. Usually, I think about people writing novels and I feel tired in the same way that I do when I think about people doing triathlons. Knowing that my dad wrote an entire book while still having a job and a social life and being super in love with my mom gives me hope for my own future in writing.

Now get going on that sequel, Dad, because I wanna know what happens next!

Two Things

30 Mar

1. My dad wrote a book, so if you like reading this blog, you’ll probably want to read his book, Slow Eddie, even though it’s not about clothes.

2. The folks at Ranch and Home are clearly on top of things when it comes to customer service (or Google Alerts)! I just got a comment from Mr. Berman on my post that mentioned the store. I didn’t think anyone but my friends would read this! I would like to clarify that my post was in no way meant to portray the store in a bad light. Both locations are awesome, and as a tall lady, I appreciate any store that stocks jeans in a range of inseams.